About Me

headshotI am an Air Traffic Controller. I work for a project driven agency with many large Digital Solution projects in-flight. Each Project Manager is a Pilot, but the most direct path for each project is not always the safest method for the organization. Logically, we have Managing Directors, who oversee whole airlines of Accounts, and Resource Managers and Finance ensure that everyone is comfortable in their seats and that the luggage arrives with the passengers. These meta-players have a sense of margins and profitability from an account perspective, but they are not always aware of what goes on in the implementation at the Project level. Finally our CTO and PMO are tasked with the overall execution and safety of all of these factors, but but they are not always equipped with the communication or visibility to prevent the mishaps of budget and scope creep. Even though my work is executed at the project level, I take it upon myself to maintain an enterprise perspective, protecting our most precious asset – relationships. I am the Tower.

I love well-designed projects, programs and products. For more information about my firm, find more about us at EffectiveUI.